Thanks to all sponsors and those in attendance for all your support!




Thanks to all sponsors and those in attendance for all your support!











Jame Lick   

Kings Academy    


Los Altos   


Monta Vista  

Mount Pleasant  

Mountain View 


Palo Alto

Piedmont Hills  

San Jose  

Sant Clara  

Silver Creek 

Saint Francis 


Yerba Buena      


Andrew HIll 




Del Mar






Live Oak

Los Gatos



Oak Grove



Santa Teresa



Valley Christian


Willow Glen




Jason Miller-Gunn HS

 I moved to the Bay area after growing up in the metro Los Angeles area.  I started coaching at 20 years old at my alma mater, Leuzinger High School.  This is where I met my mentor, possibly the most influential coach in modern American football, Don Markham.  I used his system at offensive coordinator at previous downtrodden programs-- Inglewood and Compton High Schools where I set offensive records running Coach Markham's double-wing system.  I continued my success in resurrecting programs as a head coach in LA.  After taking a year off and relocating, I was hired at Gunn High School in Palo Alto.  We are fresh off a historic season with an 8-2 record; we look forward to continued improvement in the near future.  

Offensive Coordinator Trevor Pruitt (Carlmont) 

Defensive Coord Mark Weisman 


 Coaching HS athletics for over 20 years in Long Beach and Northern California, I have encouraged growth of every athlete on and off the field. Helping kids build confidence in whatever they do and to give them support in all areas of their lives is the most important aspect of coaching. Every athlete should take pride in being a part of something bigger than themselves. Every athlete will be directed with the motivation that that the athlete will enjoy the experience and continue to succeed in positively contributing to society. 

Offensive line Alex Legenhausen (Gunn) 

 By failing to prepare you are preparing for failure 

Wide Receivers Burt Codera 

(Santa Clara) 

Linebackers Felipe Avelar (Independence) 

 R.A.R.E. =
Respect, Accountability, Responsibility, Effort... 

Def Backs-Caezar Agront

Coach Ceaz is a product of the area having played and graduated from Homestead high. After college, coach Ceaz came back to his alma mater to serve as a position coach and defensive coordinator for 5 seasons under the tutelage of local coaching icons, Charlie Bostic and Milo Lewis . When the opportunity opened, Coach Ceaz continued his development and took on the Frosh/Soph head coach position  for the mustangs and lead them for 2 seasons before taking his talents to Monta Vista high; where he has served as the head varsity coach of the Matadors for the past 2 seasons. Coach Ceaz is married to Melanie Agront and they have one son, Leonidas Agront. “All I try to instill is a sense of trust and family among my team. Once we have that it’s all gas, no brakes on the field and in life.”-Coach Ceaz

Defensive Backs Kenney Pope (Fremont) 

 Also a former Firebird, coach pope graduated from Fremont in 2008. Where he earned league defensive player of the year honors, along with team MVP, and was selected to represent Fremont as a member of the 34th Annual  Charlie Wedemeyer All-Star team as a Wide receiver/ Defensive back. Coach pope then played two year at San Jose city college and won a conference title and a bowl game in 2010. He then took his talent to Kansas where he played at McPherson college and finish his colleagues and sports.  

Running Backs Kalani Bounos 

(Formerly -Los Altos) 

 Football is fun.  Complex high energy game of strategy and skill.  But most importantly, Football is fun. 




 Chris Oswald

Chris Oswald has coached high school football for 24 years with stops at Santa Clara, Valley and Pleasant Grove, both in Sacramento, and the past 10 years at Cupertino while also spending two seasons coaching at the collegiate level at Central Missouri. Coach Oswald is married to Karen and they have 3 daughters, Laurel, Elise and Adeline. He is a graduate of Santa Clara HS and Humboldt State University.

Matt Weinbrock

Scott Green

Scott Green currently is in his second stop coaching at Cupertino High School where he currently serves as the defensive line and running back coach. Coach Green has also coached at Prospect and Oak Grove. He is a graduate of Fremont High School

Joe Garcia-Cupertino

Leonard Morris -Leigh

Leonard Morris has been coaching high school football for the past 18 years. Played his high school football in the Bay Area and played in college at CSM and Cal State Hayward then went on to play in the CFL with Toronto ’90-’91. Coach Morris is married to Alisa and they have 5 kids Chris, Brianna, Alexa, Jaden and Maya.

Tim Lugo -Saratoga

Mark Kaanapu-Westmont 

Your 2020 Charlie Wedemeyer All Star TEAM Rosters!

Congratulations All Stars!



#/Player/Position /School

2 Paul Rosa/RB/Wilcox   

3 Aizon Henry/CB/Bellarmine  

4 Ricky Anaya/QB/Silver Creek  

5  Isaiah Flores/DE/Wilcox  

6 Azriel Fagasau/LB/Independence  

7 Andrew Bice/S/Mtn View   

8 Matthew Nguyen/QB/Piedmont Hills   

9 Jovin Becerra/QB/Milpitas   

10 Gabe Diaz Jr/SS/Fremont  

11 Alfredo Hernandez/WR/Mt Pleasant

13 Marco Herrera/DB/Mt  Pleasant

14 Kylen Liu/S/Gunn   

15 Brennan Hanley/TE/Los Altos  

16 Jojo Hernandez/WR/Santa Clara   

18 Freddi Reyes/DL/Fremont

19 Jack Dellenbach/WR/Gunn  

20 Joe Pilawski/DB/St Francis

21 Harold Rucker III/WR/Homestead    

22 Eitan Smolyar/FB/Gunn  

23 Tarun Sarang/RB/Monta Vista

24 Matt Putich/LB/Evergreen   

25 Melvon Bellard/DB/Overfelt

26 Orisis Zamudio/RB/Lick

29 Isaiah Dwelle/CB/Milpitas   

31 Bailey Mungaray/DB/Santa Clara  

32 Cae Cox/LB/Mtn View   

34 Andrew Isais/DE/Yerba Buena

43 Marcos Cardenas/DE/San Jose  

44 Colin Giffen/LB/Palo Alto      

47 Michael Fiaui/DE-TE/Wilcox   

50 Christopher Gomez/DL/Lincoln

52 Gabe Lopez/OL/Santa Clara   

53 Sean Miller Jr/OL/St Francis   

54 Leo Ye/OL/Gunn   

55 Scott Smith/OL/Wilcox    

58 Marcus Mifsud/OL/Bellarmine   

59 Saia Fa'asisilla/OL/Gunn   

67 Hunter Wright/OL/The Kings Academy   

70 Isaac Souza/OL/Homestead   

77 Vaughn Mamea/DL/Independence 

78 Osiris Niko/OL/Wilcox   

88 Giovanni Vurro/K/Monta Vista   

98 Afa Sanft/DL/St Francis   


#/Player/Position /School

#2 Malique Sumier/RB/Oak Grove

#3 Yost Girvan/QB/Los Gatos

#4 Nick Lomanto/DB/Live Oak

#5 Jake Barbeau/DB-K/Cupertino

#6 Deven Vanderbilt/DB/Valley Xtian

#7 Payton Stokes/QB/Saratoga

#8 Ian Dong/DE/Cupertino

#9 Jarred Kennedy/LB/Pioneer

#10 Isaiah McElvane/WR/Valley Xtian

#11 Jayden Fulsom/LB/Oak Grove

#12 DeMarcus Oandasan/WR-FS/Cupertino

#13 Connor Hennings/OLB/Live Oak

#14 Gian Lagemann/WR/Los Gatos

#16 Gio Aguirre/DB/Santa Teresa

#17 Jared Vazquez/WR/Santa Teresa

#18 Nick Morris Jr/DB/Willow Glen

#19 Max Muilenburg/WR/Saratoga

#20 Anthony Madrigal/OLB/Valley Xtian

#21 Mark Williams/LB/Leigh

#22 Jared Quandt/DB/Los Gatos

#23 Elijah Banks/DL/Oak Grove

#24 Zach Posey/DB/Mitty

#25 Cameron Rynhard/RB/Branham

#28 George Bian/TE/Saratoga

#29 Raiden Antipuesto/RB/Del Mar

#32 Michael Corini/LB/Vallet Xtian

#33 Matt Torregroza/LB/Westmont

#34 Dylan Stone/LB/Leigh

#43 Talon Sisco/OLB/Saratoga

#49 Andrew Korea/LB/Los Gatos

#50 Orion Woods/LB/Sobrato

#52 Jacq Allard/DE/Mitty

#54 Adrien Andrade/OL/Prospect

#55 Joe Fleming/OL/Christopher

#56 Michael Jorgensen/OL/Valley Xtian

#59 Matt Ames/OL/Leland

#60 JT Reed/OL/Valley Xtian

#61 Carlos Padilla/OL/Santa Teresa

#62 Dylan Pruitt/OL/Willow Glen

#65 Eloy Quezada/DL/Gunderson

#70 Troy Rosenbaum/OL/Pioneer

#72 Carson Prescott/OL/Leland

#77 Tyler Ouchida/DL/Saratoga

#82 Jonathan Leslie/TE-LB/Lynbrook


About Us

Wedemeyer Family Story



Born in Hawaii, Charlie grew up youngest of nine children in a very athletic family. His talents on the football field awarded him scholarships to prestigious Punahou Academy and Michigan State University. Named "Prep Player of the Decade" in Hawaii and chosen to two college all star games, East-West Shrine Classic and the Hula Bowl, Charlie was content with his life. He was an outstanding athlete, had a wonderful family with his wife Lucy, daughter Carri, son Kale, and was a successful coach and teacher in Los Gatos. However, in 1977 his life was forever turned around. He was diagnosed with a terminal illness, ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease, and was given one or, at most, three years to live. The nerve cells that control the muscles were dying. The finely tuned athletic body was wasting away. There is no known cause or cure.

"The scoreboard says Charlie Wedemeyer won't win this game. There's no chance for a comeback now, time is running out. There'll be no 'Hail Mary', no immaculate reception. The gun is ready, and when it goes off, death will remain undefeated," wrote one newswriter.

Typical of Charlie's indomitable spirit, despite the impossible odds, he simply refused to give up and accept defeat. As the illness progressed, he could no longer walk, talk or breathe on his own, and he became totally dependent on a respirator. At one point, Charlie's physical body was ready to give up despite his determination. He realized he could no longer struggle and fight this alone without supernatural strength and support. He found this in a new personal relationship with God. Incredibly, by human standards, he was able to continue coaching; and in 1985, his Los Gatos Football Team won the Central Coast Section Championship with Lucy reading his lips and relaying instructions and plays to the assistant coaches and players.

Coaches Against Cancer



Coaches Against Cancer was founded in 2009 with the mission to raise money and support the research and fight against cancer.

Since its inception, Coaches Against Cancer has raised and donated over $100,000 to the American Cancer and National Brain Tumor Societies and to the recently created "Dream Come True" program. We feel very proud of our accomplishments thus far, and have decided to continue with our recent "Dream Come True" success.

The Coaches Against Cancer-“Dream Come True” program is not a novel concept, but one that we feel really makes a difference to those battling against cancer and to their families. Honoring the Make A Wish concept, we would like to connect with families that have been affected by cancer to find out if we can provide an experience that truly is a “Dream Come True”.

While our funds are not unlimited, we feel that there will be opportunities when Coaches Against Cancer can help make a difference.

In order to continue our recent success, we need your help! We need you to share this with friends and family as we look to identify those struggling with their fight against cancer.

We are asking that you fill out this form sharing the story of your nominated person or family including ideas that will help make their "Dream Come True".

Stories can be submitted on behalf of someone else or submitted by the person/family, directly.




All Star Game History



Some of the greats that have donned an all star jersey in this very special event are Doug Cosbie (Dallas Cowboys), John Tuggle (New York Giants), Jeff Garcia (SF 49ers), the late Pat Tillman (Arizona Cardinals), Trent Edwards (Buffalo Bills/Oakland Raiders +) and many, many more.

There are 45 players on each team from 46 Bay Area schools, representing the very best players in the county. The 2019 South squad is led by Coach Ajene Palmer, Head Coach at Santa Teresa High School. Burt Codera, Head Coach at Santa Clara High School, will take the reins for the North. This year’s Charlie Wedemeyer All Star Game will be played at Westmont High School on July 18, 2019.

Jim Guido has been the lone game chairman of this event for 30+ years "To have seen all of the amazing young men compete in their last high school game over 4 decades has been an unbelievably rewarding experience. Having the game honor Charlie Wedemeyer since 1984 has been a very special part of this event. His story is something everyone should be inspired by." Charlie Wedemeyer was diagnosed with ALS as a young man and given a short time to live. 32 years later, he finally lost his battle. "Never has there been a man who embraced life in the face of extreme odds and positively affected millions of people like Charlie Wedemeyer" Guido remembers.

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at the gate on game day, at the Almaden Barbers on Almaden Expressway in San Jose, and soon to be online. For more information on the coaching staff, rosters, and details please visit

Feel free to email Mike Carrozzo at

About ALS Golden West Chapter and Real family Stories

About ALS


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a fatal, neurodegenerative illness that

affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.

• The average life expectancy of a person with ALS is two to five years from diagnosis.

• As the disease progresses, people with ALS lose the ability to walk, move, speak, swallow and,

eventually, to breathe– all while the mind and senses continue to function.

• Every 90 minutes, someone is diagnosed with ALS. Every 90 minutes, someone loses their battle.

• ALS is not contagious and does not discriminate – it affects men and women of all ages, ethnic

backgrounds, and socioeconomic communities around the world.

• Approximately 10% of those diagnosed have a hereditary or familial form of the disease.

• Military veterans are diagnosed with ALS nearly twice as often as the general population.

• Most people with ALS remain at home throughout the course of the disease and managing the

progression of the disease is emotionally, physically and financially draining on families.

• The annual costs for home care, coupled with the cost of necessary equipment (which includes speech,

mobility, transportation, etc.) can exceed $200,000 per year.

• Currently, there is no known cure.

About The ALS Association Golden West Chapter

The mission of The ALS Association is to discover treatments and a cure for ALS, and to serve, advocate for, and

empower people affected by ALS to live their lives to the fullest. Our vision is to create a world without ALS.

The Golden West Chapter serves people with ALS and their families in 31 counties throughout California and in

the state of Hawaii. Everything we do advances the search for effective treatments and cures for ALS.



Walk to Defeat ALS 

George Brown Memorial Golf Classic – 

Napa Valley Ride to Defeat ALS and Walk – 

Champions for Care and a Cure – 

Connect with us to explore resources, programs, services, advocacy, our community, and events.

For more information about The ALS Association Golden West Chapter, please visit us at or email us at

Real Stories of ALS



Douglas McNeil - Full spotlight article:

Article snapshot: Throughout his life, Doug McNeil has, literally, brought light to thousands of people around the world. Today, he remains a dedicated advocate with an unshakable commitment to create positive change, while living with a diagnosis of ALS. Doug began his career at NASA Ames Research Center as an engineering intern. After graduating from San Jose State University with a Bachelors in Science, he joined Lockheed Missiles and Space, working in the Space Systems Division, supporting programs from Hubble Space Telescope, satellite telephone communications, space remote sensing systems, and other special programs. Later he worked at several other large companies, as well as start-ups specializing in a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and executive consulting. But beyond the scope of his impressive resume, the focus of Doug’s passion is his family. He and his wife Sherri are proud parents to two incredible children- Jessica and Matthew. Together, they enjoyed camping, hiking, and many other outdoor activities.“We have a philosophy in our family,” Doug shared, “to commit ourselves to a purposeful and passionate focus on life.”It is this ideal that led to Doug’s profound involvement in civic activities that include youth coaching, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) mentoring, city commissions, community foundations, and several school advisory appointments. In 2012, Doug felt he had truly found his calling when he co-founded, “Lighting for Literacy,” a non-profit humanitarian program promoting education and literacy, with the help of Los Gatos United Methodist Church and Los Gatos Morning Rotary. The program teaches science, sustainability, and community service to local youth in Silicon Valley, while providing a much needed resource to impoverished youth internationally.  In 2013, President Barack Obama's "Educate to Innovate" initiative and the White House administration recognized “Lighting for Literacy” as Champions of Change. In June of 2017, after sustaining a concussion from a fall, Doug had to take leave from his work. Shortly afterward, he received the diagnosis of ALS.  “Hearing this news about the person who has been your soul mate for forty years is devastating,” Sherri said. By November, he was unable to swallow properly, leading to malnutrition, aspiration, and pneumonia.  Doug was rushed to the emergency room just after midnight on January 1, 2018. After a 40-day hospitalization, Doug was faced with the difficult decision and hard reality of permanent incubation and 24 hr care. ”What inspires each of us can provide a model for countless people with ALS. This does not mean that we don't suffer, but we can find meaning through compassion and comfort in helping others,” said Doug. You can join Doug and his family at the Silicon Valley Walk on October 5 at Coyote Point.   Register today or make a gift to Team Maverick at  

Lorene Lee - Full spotlight article:

Lorene's Letter snapshot: (She composed this message, using assistive communication technology with a visual-tracking system. Lorene typed the words, one letter at a time, using her eyes.) "In my first attempt to write this letter to you, I had written a few paragraphs on my marriage and life. But later, I got to thinking it sounded just like any other couple, going through the usual everyday problems. The next morning, I was going to change everything. When I got to my device, it was erased. What happened is beyond me. This is a problem I sometimes face with this computer. So I will begin again with what I really want to express. When I was first diagnosed with ALS in 2010, I knew it was going to be serious because of all the different tests I took. So, in a sense, I was prepared for bad news. It was my husband, Tony, that took it so hard. He had lost both his sister and his father earlier that same year, and we were also caring for his 16 year-old niece. It was an unbelievable time in our story. By 2012, I had lost my ability to speak and now rely on a speech-generating device with an eye-tracking system to communicate.I used to say that I am from Venus, and Tony says he isn’t from Mars, he is from Pluto (hahaha)! But after many years of disagreements, misunderstandings, and stupid fights, our bond is stronger than ever. I won’t let ALS come between us. No way! This disease is not for the faint of heart. It’s like we just got past the honeymoon stage and have to start all over, and you are on a roller coaster, with a cliff up ahead. I am one of the “lucky” ones living with ALS, who has surpassed the usual five-year survival rate. ALS is a terrible, awful, deadly disease. Tough, sad, ugly, heartbreaking- yes. A learning experience- YES. I have personally learned big time that hate, despair, loneliness, misunderstanding, and sorrow can be changed by opening your heart through love. Even with acceptance of this illness and all of its challenges, I am STILL learning. With all the challenges of living with ALS, giving my loved ones their due is often fallen by the wayside, especially saying how much deep gratitude and appreciation I feel." You can join Lorene and her family at the Silicon Valley Walk on October 5 at Coyote Point.  Register today or make a gift to Lorene's Team at  

More families affected



Bill Beaton - Full spotlight article:

Article snapshot:   Bill had a long and successful career as a finance executive for several large agriculture firms and his wife Ann worked in the local school district. They had planned their golden years to be filled with the activities they loved; hiking, playing golf, and skiing- something Bill had set a personal goal to be able to do well into his eighties. But life had a different plan for the Beaton family. It was, in fact, during a ski trip that Bill began to notice a change in his body. He was not able to turn as well and his right foot was very cold. “Of course, I chocked this up to the fact he had been shoveling snow in his Sperry top siders!” Ann said. “But a month or so later, Bill developed drop foot in his right foot. We went to a spine surgeon who performed a laminectomy on his back to relieve pressure on his nerves. When this didn't work, he sent us to a neurologist. She suspected ALS, and then we went to UCSF for the formal evaluation.” Upon learning of his diagnosis of ALS in June 2017 at the age 64, Bill’s initial reaction was, “Wait a minute- this is not part of our retirement plan!” Having always been a proactive person, Ann at first welcomed all the pamphlets and informational literature that their Golden West Chapter care manager offered them. “I am a planner, by nature, always looking towards the future and what needs to be accomplished,” she said. “But as I started to learn more, I felt very overwhelmed. Over these several months, I have learned that what works best for us is to take things one day at a time.“  One thing that has stood out for both Bill and Ann during this challenging time is the importance of support. From local medical services, to clinical professionals, from chapter care managers to support groups, the value of this wraparound model of community-based care services has been immeasurable. Through their participation in the Golden West Chapter’s 19th annual East Bay Walk to Defeat ALS, they raised over $22,000 for the ALS community. “My outlook on life is reflected in our family’s motto – It is what it is,” Bill says, “I picked up this phrase at work 20 years ago and started using it. In fact, our entire family started using it. We used it so often, our daughter in law bought us a plaque with the phrase that we keep on the family refrigerator. It reminds us that for whatever life throws our way to not worry about it and to make the best of the situation. If you worry, you suffer twice."   You can join the East Bay Walk on November 2 in Walnut Creek.  Register today or make a gift at  

Miles McConnell -  Full spotlight article:

Article snapshot:  From his earliest childhood memories growing up in Marin county, Miles McConnell was always outside doing something. Being such an active person, Miles noticed a change in his coordination right away when he was on one of his outdoor adventures. “I felt my first symptom of things to come on a day of backcountry skiing off of Carson Pass in April of 2014,” shared Miles. “I wasn't linking turns like I was accustomed to, and wrote it off as a bad day.  When I sprained my ankle in September running (on our first day of a week in Hawaii!), I realized that something wasn't right.  By February of 2015 I had been told that I had ALS. I was only 49 years old.”  “In hindsight, the process of coping with a life changing diagnosis was broken down into distinct phases: shock and fear, then anger, then overwhelming grief [...] I can spend a day tinkering with my latest innovation for making my daily activities or adventures easier, go for a ride on my recumbent trike, or sit out back and meditate,” said Miles. “I miss the mobility I so enjoyed all of those years, but instead of focusing on what I've lost, choose to focus on all of the opportunities that await.”  Together, Miles and his wife, Dubie, decided that this news wasn’t going stop them from doing the things they loved together. They formed Team S(Miles) and became involved in The ALS Association Golden West Chapter's Sonoma County Walk to Defeat ALS and Napa Valley Ride to Defeat ALS. “Life is full of joy and uncertainty.  It's easy to get caught up in regretting what did or didn't happen in the past, or fretting about what may happen in the future.  But the present is what's really important, and making the most out of the cards you're dealt.  Living with ALS has reinforced this concept for me. I'm incredibly lucky to have my wife's support through this journey. Dubie provides me total freedom in my day to day activities.   Life is sweet, and I intend to make the most of what's left!” You can join Miles and his family at the Napa Valley Ride on September 21 in Napa.   Register today or make a gift to Team S(M)iles at  

Juan Reyes - We don't have a spotlight on Juan Reyes, but we can get more written content from his family within the next few days. We know that he was formerly an officer for the SJPD and he participates in the Silicon Valley Walk with his team "Retired SJPD Officer Juan Reyes #ALS Warrior." Before engaging with our community walk, he had done other philanthropic work to help the youth in his community (I believe through the San Jose Police Activities League). In 2018, his niece orchestrated an ALS awareness night with the San Jose Giants. She wrote: In February of 2017 my Uncle Juan was diagnosed with ALS. While this is probably the biggest curveball my family and I could have gotten, we are all in this journey together and swinging for the fences. Through everything, I can say he has never lost his sense of humor. I don't think there will ever be a day he isn't making fun of us or laughing at us in some way, because that is who is is, ALS or not. 


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